Nashville Software School · Part-Time Data Analytics Cohort 5 Demo Day

Nashville Software School Data Analytics Cohort 5

Come see us demo on January 6!

Six months ago, a group of strangers logged onto a Zoom chat together for the first time. Now, here we are—we’ve spent nearly 300 hours of class time together, and we leave as a community of analysts, each of us better for our time in this program. Along our journey, we’ve had help from various individuals, so we’d like to take some time to express our gratitude.

Thank you to…


Special thanks to our instructors, Andrew Marsee, Teresa Whitesell, and Amanda Partlow. You all have been a constant source of wisdom and encouragement, and we quite literally could not have done this without you.

Staff and Faculty

Huge thank you to Mahesh Rao, Michael Holloway, Chris Wright, Sekou Tyler, and the many others who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make this program what it is today.

The career development team—Marla Lamont, Ashley Canino, and Michael Frieh—have been wonderful, as well. Thank you for what you have done to prepare us for the “real world.”

Data Professionals and Partners

Finally, to the professionals listed below who took time out of their lives to provide invaluable insight and experience: thank you! Seriously, the selfless act of paying it forward for us fledgling analysts is so, so appreciated. Thank you for showing us how welcoming the data community in Nashville is.

  • Tito Amoguis
  • Heather Sopel
  • Iuliana Schmidt
  • Chris Hart
  • Mackenzie Nadeau
  • Clayton Severson
  • Nadia Marie Roumanos
  • Ben Hummel
  • Andrea Busch
  • Cody Asbury
  • John Irvin
  • Sarah Beth Ivester
  • Patrick Macallister
  • David Zilberman
  • Lori Butler
  • Sabber Ahamed
  • Landry Butler
  • Brendon Pierson
  • Nathan Brewer
  • Simon Kingaby
  • Malini Senthilkumar
  • Matt Kasle
  • Jim Dehner
  • Andrew Dao
  • Stephen Gabor
  • Emily Saul
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Jason Parker
  • Natasha Moore
  • Adrienne Franke
  • Alexander Young
  • Ron Balcarras
  • Timothy Drisdelle
  • Sandip Shinde
  • Jayson Backes
  • Brian Johnson
  • Ryan Ito